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Tools I Use

These tools are a must in any home-based business. WIthout these it will be hard for you to succeed.

Having the right tools is essential to having a successful online business! As with any other profession, without them, your life can be miserable.

  • Imagine a hairstylist with the cheapest, most inefficient shears to cut your hair
  • What about working with a music producer who has crappy sound board equipment
  • Let’s also consider sending your child to a school where the books and the curriculum is outdated

Just like you wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who didn’t use the best tools they could to make your experience a happy one, you should likewise do the same for your own business.
Below, you will find a list of tools that I USE! Now there are marketers out there, for affiliate purposes only, that tell you that you need something, but that THEY aren’t using themselves. Well that’s not this type of party!
What I recommend, I use. And in some capacity, that tool is an intricate part of my business. SO take your time, scroll through the list below, and get what you need. Don’t get what you don’t need. If you have questions about the tool exactly, get it here, then go Google how to best use it! Simple!


My Reading List: Books Recommended

Think And Grow Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

The 10x Rule

Masters of Command

Building an Empire

As A Man Thinketh

Go Pro: 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Pro

How To Build a Multi-Level Marketing Money Machine

Start With Why

48 Laws of Power

The 4 Hour Work Week

Three Feet From Gold

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Live Traffic: See That I Do Get Results

1. Social Metrics Pro 2. Market Samurai 3. SEOPressor -$7 trial, then $97 one-time Go Here To See My SEO Pressor Plugin Review! 4. The Best Spinner -$77/yr 5. Article Marketing Robot -$97: one-time 6. Unique Article Wizard -$67/mo 7. Popup Domination 8. Keyword Winner - $4 Go Here To See My Official Keyword Winner Review! 9. Hostgator - $9.99/mo or less 10. Craigslist Ad Power - $197 Go Here To Listen To My Live Craigslist Marketing Teleconference 11. MLM PLR Store Go Here To Listen To My Live Official MLM PLR Store Review 12. BYOAudio -$19.95/mo 13. Aweber -$19/mo 14. TribePro 15. Status-Set-Go -$34.95/mo 16. Fan Page Engine -$97 one-time 17. Simple2Advertise -$37/month
What Is Article Marketing? A form of advertising in which you write short articles and get them published to large “article directory” websites in exchange for recognition as the author and a link back to your website (or to your affiliate link)…. Benefit to article directory: they get free content for their readers. Benefit to you as the author: you get traffic, leads, and ultimately sales when done properly. What I Would Do If I Had To Start All Over Again If I were starting over again today- I would focus ALL of my time, effort, and resources on article marketing, and here’s why: LEVERAGE PEOPLE!!! Article marketing is the most leveraged form of marketing that exists online today. The best part is, most people don’t have a clue how incredibly effective article marketing really is. (it took us almost an ENTIRE YEAR to come to the realization ourselves) Let Me Show You What I Mean If you’re a carpenter, do you get paid this month for the walls or roofs you built last month? If you’re a school teacher, do you get paid this month on lessons you taught 6 months ago? When you spent 3-6 months clicking for credits on traffic exchanges, do you get paid this month on those clicks? Are you getting paid/ generating income from things you did in March of 2007? You should be With article marketing you have the ability to do the WORK ONCE AND GET PAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Let’s Talk About Leverage The MAIN BENEFIT and advantage of starting an internet business is your ability to “Do the work ONCE and GET PAID over and over again.” What 95% of people do at their jobs every single day is TRADE TIME FOR DOLLARS. What most don’t realize is some internet marketing strategies are worse than having a job. Every time you’re creating a game plan in your business, ask yourself, “Am I trading time for dollars?” The ONLY Article Marketing Sites That Matter When it comes to article marketing, the 80/20 rule definitely comes into play. 70% of your traffic will come from In other words, DON’T waste your time fooling around with other article directories. (for traffic’s sake) Why Articles SKYROCKET To The Top Of Google is extremely effective for a number of reasons. Google loves their content, knows that it’s going through strict quality controls before it ever sees daylight. You are LEVERAGING the authority of the website. Two Ways To Create Your Keyword Targeted Article Content Write your own articles. Outsource – Pay someone to write the articles for you. How To Write Your Own Content Write 200 to 350 word article focused on the keyword phrases you found when you did your keyword research (4 sentence paragraphs x 4) Summarize the topic of your keyword based on 4 points you want to talk about & make sure to include the keyword phrase once per paragraph. Include your CALL TO ACTION in the ‘Author Resource Box’. How & Where To Outsource Your Articles For Rock Bottom Prices ODESK WARRIOR’S ARTICLE ALLIANCE Warrior’s Article Alliance <~~ $5 articles >~~ 1.50 blogs The #1 Most Important Element Of Every Article!!! The most important element of every single article you post online is what’s called the “Author Resource Box” This is where you get credit as the author and get to link back to your website (or affiliate link) This is how you get TRAFFIC!!! Without an effective “author resource box”, you’ll be running a non-profit organization Creating Your “CALL TO ACTION”!!! It’s not enough to just include a link in the “author resource box”, you must also have a strong call to Action

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